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monikabeth   in reply to Lori H.
Thank you I figured it out:)
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Lori H.   in reply to monikabeth
Click on the left side of their name and hit one on one
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monikabeth   in reply to The Christmas Cat
How do I reply 1 on 1
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I have 2 children single mother and my son just had to have open heart surgery and our world has been turned upside down. I am in desperate need to help my 4 year old and 18 month old. I live in Altoona pa is there help around here?
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thriftymom   in reply to mommy56
The christmas cat was looking for families in PA. Contact her and see if she still is.
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
I got it and wrote you back!
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Faith0809   in reply to chellecurry
Thank you, and I will!!
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do I see it?
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do I check it?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Faith0809
I sent u a one on one
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chellecurry   in reply to Faith0809
I know that poppyday13 has a list on her page of several places that are helping families that are armed services or prior service so check them out..u can get lots of help...
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After my husband got out of the navy, it's Been hard to get back on out feet. And make ends meet. We would be so grateful to receive any help with Christmas. We have one daughter has 4. She loves my little pony, lalaloopsy, monster high, barbies, board games and arts and crafts. We don't have money to buy for each other and are trying to make christmas work. If you can help please message me. Thank you!
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to nannasangels
Do you live in Pa. or close to Pennsylvania.only because Shipping takes long and because Christmas is so close to this date I can't get you anything in time for Christmas unless your close to my state.I can help some of you with used Christmas gifts for kids. I don't have money to give,, just things like stuffed animals beanies,clothes ect. I need your kids ages sizes and hobbies, sports likes, interest or wants.Race for Dolls
If theres something your child does not like let me know I wouldn't want to send the wrong thing.
Please provide Your Name and address of where to send it
Please I can only help people here in the United States.
I would like to try and help you with your Christmas. Please write me soon so I can deliver thru mail system.
I Have been where you are ...Keep the faith
Remember all that are humbled in this life will be rewarded ten fold in the next.
Wishing all a Merry Christmas
ps. talk to me one on one
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I am in Harrison co, Missouri
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Hello, I'm a mother of 2girls (5 and 3) and a boy (8). I know I will not be able to give my children any Christmas as I am not even able to provide food for them at this point. I tried to sign up for the angel tree but to no avail...I was one day late and they had already sent off the requests. Please help
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The Christmas Cat
Everyone should put the State they live in on here not their address just state.At this late date a week before Christmas a package might not make it if it comes from across the U.S to you.When someone picks you now it might have to do with how close they are to you or
it won't make it by Christmas for your loved ones even mailing a letter might take a week.
Especially with the poor weather we are getting in the east. They also might pick according to shipping cost of the package which gets higher the farther you are away from them.I hope this tip helps you and the donor to find each other.Hopeing everyone has a blessed Holiday.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to nannasangels
Nana you need to talk to me one on one
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nannasangels   in reply to The Christmas Cat
Bless your heart, its such a sad feeling when you cannot help people and even more in your own family, I myself am in that position, I am 56 my daughter 25 both of us are on SSI with my grandchildren a 2 year old little angel and a 5 year old big man for Nanna, they mean the world to me and I have nothing for them for Christmas , the first time in my life I feel like a failureIf there is anyway you can help me, I would be so very grateful for any help at all
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livie87   in reply to shermantank
Salvation army is doing Christmas meals for everyone.
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