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Is there any christmas help in toms river ocean county nj
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woman in a shoe   in reply to thorobredstallion
U welcome
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thorobredstallion   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thanks...God bless
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woman in a shoe   in reply to thorobredstallion
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. I just posted the information for Christmas help so look though the post and u will fine it
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I am a mother of kids father was killed last year... I am really struggling and need assistance...Christmas and birthdays are coming fast..any help would be appreciated...God bless you!
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Hello I am a 34 year old single dad of two wonderful girls 6 and 12. I am on a fixed budget to say the least and usually pay for Christmas last minute out of my last two checks before Christmas. I try hard not to ask for help. This year I got sick last Monday and got very sick I was off work all week they wouldn't let me work sick. I don't want to ask for help but my girls are wonderful kids the best two girls a dad can ask for and they have been through so much with their mother. I have had custody for 5 years with their mother filing every six months like clockwork she wants custody but don't want to get herself off drugs and get a place to live. Long story short does anyone know of any help in the Virginia area I've looked with no luck thank you so much for any time and help merry Christmas
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Hello I am in north new jersey and I am a single father of three beautiful girls ages 4, 11,12 and I have been in a rut for awhile. Due to my past criminal offense which occurred when I was 19 and I am now 27 I have had a really hard time getting work. The last job I held was when my grandfather was a supervisor for a moving company and I worked there until he retired in 2009. I have gotten many interviews but to no avail because my record prevents me from getting a job. I still to this day try and try but this will be the first Christmas I cant afford to get them anything.I was doing things I shouldn't have been and decided to go the clean route and cant seem to get a break. I don't want to see them sad or upset and don't want to feel less as a man I need a miracle this Christmas.
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dji47   in reply to NEEDYINVA
All I can do is send my prayers and blessings to you and your family. There may be some kind of help available ,have you checked with Social Services?
Contact the churches ,some offer volunteer help. If I could help you financially I would.
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Hi. My 63 yr old mom is in central virginia on a limited income raising 3 beautiful great grandchildren, all boys and ages 6, 5 and 3. She also takes care of her bed ridden mother that's 90 on a ventilator. She fought to rescue them from being fostered due to neglect by both children's parents. The youngest suffered a burn that was severe but not reported and was suffering Malnutrition, the middle child also suffered from malnutrition and the oldest with severe asthma that was not being managed to the point of 9 hospital admissions by 4yr old. All three were subjected to mental, physical and emotional abuse by the moms new boyfriend before being Their care is a lot to manage which is why I have moved in. Although I know they are in a better place it has taken its toll on her. In the last year she has began to suffer from a great deal of pain and a very pronounced limp. She's in need of a hip and knee replacement but hasn't been approved for disability or any health insurance yet she keeps moving for everyone else sake. These children deserve a blessing for christmas and most of all it would be one less worry for their great grandmother. I wont bother with specifics because ANYONE with ANYTHING to bless would be a great help.
Lori H.   in reply to monikabeth
ok you are welcome
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monikabeth   in reply to Lori H.
Thank you I figured it out:)
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Lori H.   in reply to monikabeth
Click on the left side of their name and hit one on one
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monikabeth   in reply to The Christmas Cat
How do I reply 1 on 1
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I have 2 children single mother and my son just had to have open heart surgery and our world has been turned upside down. I am in desperate need to help my 4 year old and 18 month old. I live in Altoona pa is there help around here?
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thriftymom   in reply to mommy56
The christmas cat was looking for families in PA. Contact her and see if she still is.
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
I got it and wrote you back!
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Faith0809   in reply to chellecurry
Thank you, and I will!!
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do I see it?
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Faith0809   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do I check it?
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